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Ruel James combines multiple passions in his art

About Ruel G James

James was born in Jamaica and reared in England, where his artistic talents were recognized early. He was admitted to the prestigious Royal College of Art. He became a world-renowned painter an sculptor, working for many prestigious companies, clients, and community organizations.

Ruel James currently resides in Las Vegas, NV with his loving wife and children. His work is displayed at Ruel James Studio in central Las Vegas. His work is also available for purchase at the David Kairy Gallery in The Shops at Crystals.


David Kairy Gallery

The Shops at Crystals

3720 S Las Vegas Blvd Suite 226, Las Vegas, NV 89158


Ruel James Studio

900 Karen Ave., Suite B218, Las Vegas, NV

The Female Form

From the sensual to the editorial, Ruel James has an impressively extensive collection of female art in his repertoire. He is able to brilliantly capture the female form using models and inspiration from all over the world.

Contemporary Sculptures

From showstopping tables to eye-catching centerpieces, Ruel James’ contemporary sculptures are one of a kind. The Pieces of Heaven Collection is the newest creation of the world-renowned artist and sculptor Ruel James. The collection includes sculptures that celebrate and revere the female form by featuring a series of dancers, athletes, gymnasts, and entertainers. Molded from epoxy clay and finished with a heavenly, iridescent pearl paint, these pieces truly depict the majestic beauty and undeniable strength of the female body. Several of Ruel James’ contemporary works are on display at the David Kairy Gallery at The Shops at Crystals.

“There is a master walking among us known as Ruel James who possesses exceptional skills in creating sculptures of women’s bodies. The sculptures are so real and life like and breathtaking to see and the reason for that is he uses live models. They are truly a beautiful work of art. His admiration and love for the human female body shows though in his sculptures as he creates his pieces.” -The Las Vegas Informer

The Automobile in Art

The car art of Ruel James gives new meaning to the term ‘auto-erotic.’ He says, “To me, the image of a car is one of a kind. It is something people fantasize about.” Often adorned with sexy, confident women, the cars James paints range from vintage to modern and include the luxury designs of Aston Martin, Lamborghini, Audi, and his personal favorite, Ferrari. James has also painted custom work for the American automotive designer Carroll Shelby, including several dynamic pieces featuring the AC Cobra.

“The lines that form the cars in James’ automobile paintings have the same elegant, evocative sensation that form the shapely women he creates on canvas.” -Las Vegas Sun

Contemporary & Abstract

From whimsical dancers to funky jazz musicians, Ruel James captures fervor and zeal in his abstract artwork through the use of vibrant colors and unique design. His abstract pieces features artists such as Dizzy Gillespie and Louis Armstrong as well as exotic models from around the world. His newest collection of abstract pieces can be found at the David Kairy Gallery at The Shops at Crystals.

Custom Portraits

Ruel James is available for custom fashion, professional, and family portraits. For all custom portraiture inquiries, please contact the Ruel James Studios.

Get in Touch


Address: 900 Karen Ave Las Vegas, NV 89109


Phone:   (702) 612-2016



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